Frequently Asked Questions

How do the cabinets stack together?

The cabinets stack up and interlock through the use of special push pins that come with each cabinet.  The pins are inserted by hand and connect each additional cabinet to cabinet below it.  The result is a sturdy, rigid stack of cabinets.  This modular system allows you to add capacity as needed.

How high can you stack the cabinets?

You can stack the cabinets up to 8 high.

What are the cabinets made of?

The cabinets are made of galvanized steel (rust resistant steel) and are painted with powder coat paint. Powder coating is a special painting process which is extremely durable and which has no VOCs (no fumes). In total, the cabinets are designed for an extremely long service life.

Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in our factory in New York.